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Genesis: Climbing the Escalator of Life!

April 25, 2020 Speaker: Ron Brown Series: Genesis: Foundations of the Faith

Scripture: Genesis 4:17–4:26

Suggested Order of Service for Your at Home Worship

Opening Prayer


Scripture Reading: Psalm 82:1-8

Sermon: Climbing the Escalator of Life!

Genesis 4:17-26

1. The Rebellious Prosper Genesis 4:17-24

A. A City

B. A Culture

C. A Cockadoodledoo

II. The Righteous Worship Genesis 4:25-26

Application Questions

1. How have you seen unbelievers prosper in this world?

2. How should we view prosperity in this world?

3. How could cultural achievements like those mentioned in Genesis 4 be used for God's glory?

4. Has God gifted you with any special abilities or talents? How are you using them for His glory?

5. What does it mean in Genesis 4:26 when it says,"At that time people began to call upon the name of the Lord"? And how can we do this today?

Closing Prayer

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