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Spring 2021 Re-schedule and Parsonage Update

Church Matters

Summer News at CBC

Greetings Church Family, summer is almost here! At least we thought it was before it snowed last night! Oh well, that’s spring time in the mountains for ya, right? Snow or no snow, this is a beautiful time of year and we have much to be thankful for.

I wanted to write and make you aware of a couple items of interest. First, we are considering the possibility of moving our Sunday Worship Service time from 10:15 to 9am for the summer. This would begin on June 13th once Sunday School has adjourned for the summer. For some this might be a welcome change, freeing up a little more of the day for summer activities.

The bigger reason for changing the schedule this summer is that we are considering the possibility of flip-flopping our Sunday schedule when Sunday School resumes in the fall. If we decide to make this change our worship service would be at 9am with Sunday School following at 10:45. An earlier start to our worship service this summer might make for an easier transition in the fall.

The reason we are considering this change in the first place is the possibility of encouraging more participation in Sunday School. Sunday School is a great avenue for helping people to connect on a more personal level, and if it followed the Worship Service folks might be more likely to stay.

We realize that while this is not a drastic change, it is a change that will impact all of us. In order to make the best decision we would like to get some feedback from the congregation. For the next couple of weeks, we will conduct an informal survey with a brief questionnaire. So, please let us know your thoughts.

Another note of interest has to do with the church parsonage. Since it was vacated almost five years ago now, it has sat empty other than very occasionally when it has been used as a place of ministry respite for pastors and missionaries. Our long-term goal is to use it for housing an additional full-time staff person or possibly a ministry intern. In the meantime, the elders feel that it would be beneficial to have it occupied with a care-taker who would be responsible for maintaining the yard and other basic upkeep. Taking all of the above into consideration, the elders have asked Johnie Michael to move into the parsonage and assume the role of care-taker.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little update. We have an exciting summer ahead with Vacation Bible School (June 21-25), Church Camp (July 23-25), and many other opportunities for reaching out and fellowship with our church family.


God Bless,


Pastor Ron