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Scripture Meditations for Good Friday


Read the following summaries and Scripture passages about what happened in the final hours as Jesus went to the cross.

  • After being arrested the night before, illegally tried before Ciaphas the High
    Priest, mocked and beaten into the early hours of the next morning, Jesus
    was brought before the Sanhedrin early in the morning (Read Luke 22:66-71).
  • At this point the Sanhedrin had basically condemned Jesus, but they had no
    power themselves to carry out the sentence of death. So, they sent Him to
    Pilate, the Roman governor (Read Luke 23:1-4).
  • Pilate found nothing worthy of the death sentence in Jesus and when he
    found that Jesus was from Galilee and therefore under the jurisdiction of
    Herod, he sent Him to Herod (Read Luke 23:8-11).
  • Since Herod took no action, Jesus was still Pilate’s problem. Pilate brought
    Jesus before the chief priests, the rulers, and the people, hoping to pass a
    lesser judgment. But the crowd prevailed and Jesus was handed over to be
    crucified (Read Luke 23:13-25).
  • The sentence was handed down. Jesus was to be put to death by
    crucifixion. Jesus was then mocked and beaten and led away to be crucified
    (Read Matthew 27:27-37).
  • The death that Jesus suffered on the cross was not quick and painless. It
    was intended to inflict the maximum amount of suffering. So, Jesus’
    suffering continued as He hung there on the cross (Read Matthew 27:38-50).
  • Finally, after Jesus was dead, He was taken down from the cross and placed
    in a borrowed tomb (Matthew 27:57-60).

Questions for reflection:

  • That’s what happened on this day almost 2000 years ago. It’s the day we
    call Good Friday. But why call it “Good” Friday? As we have thought back
    through the events of this day, what is there that we could say was “Good?”
  • What does this reveal about Jesus’ goodness?
  • What good was accomplished for us by what Jesus did? (see 1 Peter 3:18)

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